When you register and pay for a domain name, you do not get the name forever, you are actually paying for the rights to use the domain name for a specific period of time. .KE domains names have a minimum registration and renewal period of 1 year. After one year of using a domain name, the domain will expire and will need to be renewed.

In this article, we highlight some of the reasons why it is important to renew your domain name.

To keep your domain name
The main reason why people renew domain names, is to retain and keep this important online asset. When a domain expires and is not renewed, it will be deleted and will be made available to the public. Some domain names are valuable commodities and are high demand. When someone else registers the domain name, they become the new owners of the domain. Without a trademark, you have no claim to the domain.

To prevent Fraud
Fraudsters benefit from individuals who do not pay attention to the expiry dates of their domain names. It is common for companies to secure multiple domain names in order to protect their brands. Fraudsters usually target these companies’ domain names and register them upon deletion. They will then purport to be the company and send emails to defraud unsuspecting individuals. When the scam is realized, it might be too late and the reputation of your brand will be ruined.

To prevent risks of losing business
When your domain expires, your customers will not be able to access your website and will also not be able to send emails to you. Customers who are unable to access your site will end up visiting a competitor’s site and you will lose the business that the customer had brought. The extended downtime of your website may also raise questions on the authenticity
of your website. It is important to ensure uptime.

To secure your investment
Sometimes you can be lucky and re-register your domain name after it is deleted, before someone else registers the domain. However, when you let a domain expire and allow it be deleted, you are undoing all the hard work and dedication you put into it. First of all, the website and emails attached to the domain name will be lost if they had not been backed up. You will need money to build another website, which is not cheap.
An expired domain name can also affect you search engine rankings and it may take time to bring it back on track.

We recommend you set up an auto-renewal for your domain to avoid the risks of losing your name. Always keep track of your domain name to ensure it is active at any given time. Visit https://kenic.or.ke/ to get your own .KE domain today.