Although most businesses do just fine with one domain name, companies can benefit from registering more than one domain name as part of their growth strategy. The internet has changed how we conduct and promote our businesses today. The adoption of digital marketing has created more avenues for business promotion and general growth.
Having multiple domain names can provide sound marketing opportunities to engage customers and help grow your market share. One benefit of a domain name is that it is flexible and you can change your approach multiple times depending on the campaign you are running.

Below are some of the benefits of having multiple domain names:

Audience targeting
Having multiple domain names provides an opportunity to segment your audience and target different groups depending on the campaign. For example, you could want to run a promotion tailored for a specific demographic. In this instance, you will create a separate domain for marketing purposes relevant for the target audience in this demographic.

SEO benefits
Using multiple domain names can improve your search engine optimization results as well. Taking advantage of multiple domain names can help you rank for a broader selection of keywords and phrases.
Possible to redirect domains to main site
It is simple to forward multiple domains to your website. You can simply create one site then redirect visitors who type any of your other domain names to your main site. A website with multiple domains attached to it is easier to find. Potential customers will appreciate having more ways to find your company when using search engines.

Brand protection
Protecting your brand is very important for any business operating online. Securing multiple domain names prevents malicious individuals from hijacking your business’s presence. Registering multiple domain names also restricts competitors who may want to register similar names, limiting your reach to potential customers.

Business expansion
Should you start branching your business into international markets, it is important to register country specific domain names. Country specific domain names are advisable because search engines will rank country specific domain names higher than general domain names.

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