Your business website may look great but be invisible to your clients. SEO is vital to the health and growth of your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Is the process of optimizing content to be discovered through a search engine. When you start utilizing SEO for your business, it means you can get in front of more clients. Clients find you by searching for what you provide and if your SEO is done correctly on your website, it means they find you quickly.

If you want to transform your site into a customer or lead generation platform, SEO is one of the best ways to get discovered online. You basically put yourself in front of your customer at the exact moment they are searching for what you offer. SEO ties into your website, your presence online and can help you build your business.

SEO allows you to move into new markets, before you’re ever physically working in that market, implement SEO in such a way that your ideal clients in other locations find you on the internet, this can result into increased revenue. SEO is important when expanding into new markets, growing where you are at and acquiring new clients.

Paid advertising is not a guarantee that it is going to work, SEO is something that you can do at no cost with a great return on investment. As a small business, SEO is the best way to take the fight to the big boys. SEO usage is on an ever-increasing rise and results can be game changing. What does it take to rank highly in the search engines?

  1. Content: This is how well the words and media on your website answer the informational needs of the searcher.
  2. Backlinks: The number of relevant authoritative websites that link to your page. This is a sign that information on your site can be trusted. This is more like another website vouching for content on your page/site.
  3. How well the website works this includes page speed, mobile optimization and user experience.
  4. Ensure your site loads quickly– The quicker a site loads the better it will be treated in the search results.
  5. Ensure your site is mobile friendly: More than half of the internet searches take place on mobile devices and Google has been penalizing any sites that doesn’t load optimally on mobile.

The internet has become the number one method for consumers to get the answers to their everyday questions. Customers begin their journey on search engines, you have the opportunity to reach mass audiences and to excel in meeting your customers’ needs. Get your business discovered today, SEO is the perfect way to do that.