Importance of having a personal website

With advancements in technology the internet has become a place where people can share ideas and grow creatively. Today anyone can establish an online presence and they do not need to be a professional coder.
Why does one need a personal website? Below are a few reasons.

You get to control your personal brand

Nowadays it is common for employers to search for more candidate information besides what is available on the resume. By having a personal website, you are in control of the narrative and what people see when they search you up. Personal websites are also flexible; you can be able to add to your accomplishments when you do something. Completed projects can also be added to your portfolio for all to see.

A platform to show your creativity

Websites give you an opportunity to show your creative side. If you are in an art or design field your website gives you an opportunity to share your portfolio to the public giving you a competitive advantage. You can post almost any type of creative content on your website. This may include digital photos, artwork, music, video clips and technical projects. You can also add your contact information for people who may be interested to work with you to find you. This will help grow your career.

It is an alternative way to earn money

A website is an opportunity to get some extra cash. You can charge for advertising and affiliate marketing of products on your website. You can set up links to affiliate products and you will earn a commission when people click on the links.

A website helps you gain new skills

Skills gained in managing a website can be very useful in future. One gets to know about customizing and optimizing different things. It is not only useful for people in the tech field. Knowledge in website management can also help land different opportunities, for example a job in advertising.

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