Domain name registration is a subscription service that must be renewed annually,so as to access it and any other services related to it. A domain name on its own, does not have much value and cannot be used independently. For a domain to be useful, first it needs to be hosted, after which you can get customized email addresses for your brand. You can also design a website or applications, all of which are accessible through a domain name.

Generally, a domain name is like a car’s fuel where a website/emails /applications are the car itself. All these must have a domain name for them to be effective and of use to the client. When designing a business plan for your hustle, always make sure an online presence anchored on a dotKE domain name is on the top to do list. Missing out on this could easily lead to someone else taking up your preferred domain name, since they are available on a first come first served basis.

After registering your preferred domain name, it will be active for a duration of 365 days from date of Registration, after which it expires. The domain then has 90 days grace period before its deletion.

Immediately after expiry, you will be able to access all your services for another 14 days. After this, all your services associated with the domain name will inaccessible and you could potentially loose your valued data and clients. It is therefore recommendable that you renew your domain name for a longer duration, which is up to 5 years. With this, you will have cautioned yourself from forgetting to renew each year and secured your brand too.

Incase you want to renew your domain name and not sure who your Registrar is, kindly write an email to / You can also do a WHOIS SEARCH here.