KeNIC’s SLD auction allows clients to bid for premium domain names. Domain names are awarded to the highest bidder who has the freedom to select a Registrar of their choice to register the domain. Below are some things to consider during the auction process.

Domain Popularity

Some domains are more popular than others, hence available only on auction. When you want to bid for a domain name, it is worth considering how valuable the name is. If there are many bidders, it is likely that the domain will attract a higher bidding price and make it worth buying for future interests.

Global appeal

If you are targeting a wide audience, it is better to choose a domain name that has a universal appeal. Domain names such as or are examples of such names. Owning such a domain name gives you a higher chance of reselling the domain due to its global appeal.

Choose the right platforms to sell your domain

If you purchased a domain name with the intention of selling it at a profit, it is crucial that you choose the best avenues to get the best deal available. The best option is to list your domain in listing platforms. These sites connect you to a wide audience from all over the world who might be interested in purchasing your domain name.

Work within your budget

It is more efficient to search for domain names whose quoted price is within your budget. Do not focus on domains whose prices are higher than what you have budgeted to pay. You risk losing other domains that are within budget.


Focus on purchasing a domain that is relevant to your brand and what you are trying to achieve. You risk wasting money when purchasing domain names that will not be useful to you.

With a little research and patience, you will be able to find some hidden gems in the domain auctions. Look out for KeNIC’s SLD AUCTION in November 2022 to secure the names you want. Visit auction for more information.