A domain is the first part of the address after www. that you enter into a web browser (e.g www.kenic.or.ke. ) to find a web page on the internet. It is also that last part, the @ sign in an email address. Domains are useful for business and personal use, for creating your own website, online presence and email address.

Kenya Network Information centre (KeNIC), the entity charged with the management and administration of the .KE domain, Kenya’s Country Code Top-Level Domain, provides corporates, businesses and individuals with the opportunity to have an online presence, professional email addresses and websites on the .KE domain.

What domain names extensions are available

.KE –This domain extension can be used by all the entities described below

Third Level Domain name space, allows registration of two-name parts before the DOT.KE. This domain extension can be used by all the entities described below;

  1. .ke : This domain extension can be used by all the entities described below.
  2. co.ke: For companies and business entities e.g. www.safaricom.co.ke
  3. me.ke: For individuals such as professionals. Students etc e.g. www.doreen.me.ke
  4. go.ke: For government institutions e.g. www.kra.go.ke
  5. or.ke: For not-for-profit organizations such as churches, NGOs etc e.g. www.kenic.or.ke
  6. ac.ke: For higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities e.g. www.MKu.ac.ke
  7. sc.ke: For lower learning institutions such as kindergartens, primary & secondary schools e.g. www.alliancegirls.sc.ke
  8. mobi.ke: For mobile companies.
  9. ne.ke: For network companies.
  10. info.ke: For information.

Why should you register a .KE Domain Name

  1. Brand Protection: A malicious individual or company can register a domain name that is similar to that of your company or brand name, in order to misuse it for cyber-squatting or for their personal gain. In order to curb infringement or misuse of brand names or company names, KeNIC urges all companies & individuals registered trademarks whose goodwill is at risk of litigation/infringement, to secure both Second Level and third level domain name. Get your .KE domain and secure your brand online.
  2. Credibility: – The .KE domain name will enhance your credibility on the Internet.
  3. Uniquely Kenyan- .KE name space has the added advantage of providing not only a globally recognized Internet identity but also an association to one’s country. Be proudly Kenyan.
  4. Accessibility: -Make your online presence possible through registration of the .KE domain and enhance your competitiveness. DotKE is a Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) this kind of a domain gives a higher SEO value for country-based search results.
  5. Make your online presence possible through registration of the .KE domain will enhance your online competitiveness.
  6. Guaranteed Support: – Our Customer Care Team is ready to answer all the queries you may have regarding your domain or to help you get a domain name. Call us today and let us get you online!


There is a lot you can do with a domain name but you first need to add some services to it. For example, if you want to build a website for your business or just for fun, you first need to get web hosting services. Contact any of our registrars to host your .KE website and emails.