COVID-19 has shown us how our world is constantly changing, and how businesses must adapt
to stay competitive and meet customer needs. If you can’t anticipate correctly what customers
will be looking for or how the market will be evolving, your business will have a hard time
staying afloat. With the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, new business trends are
emerging, and understanding them can help your small business find its footing.
From 5G and the Internet of Things to the blockchain, new technology trends are creating a
digital transformation for companies on a global level. Here are key trends set to shape the way
we do business in 2022:
1. E-commerce: Having an eCommerce business is no longer a luxury, it is an essential
requirement for any business in the post-pandemic years. In this pandemic year alone,
global eCommerce retail sales grew by more than 25%, according to a study by Finances
Online. For your retail business to survive, there must be a provision for online shopping.
2. Social media: Many consumers now use social media to not only make purchase
decisions but also to make the purchase itself. In 2022, it is predicted that the use of
social media for purchasing will become more widespread among modern users on
features like Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout. According to most observers,
Instagram and TikTok will have fully functional e-commerce platforms with built-in
affiliate networks by 2022.
3. Influencer marketing: If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely invest in
influencers come 2022. Influencers, both large and small (micro-influencers), strengthen
your business and its credibility by providing awareness, relevance, and endorsements.
4. Hybrid workplaces: Having a hybrid workplace where employees can choose their
optimal work schedule as well as whether to be remote or in-person will be a big trend in
2022. As an employer, you will need to embrace the multi-generational employees who
have different value systems and who view ‘work’ very differently.
5. Google: Maximum utilization of Google is the game-changer for 2022. This includes
Google My Business, local services, ads, and search engine optimization. Small-business
owners must get on board with knowing, using, and understanding Google leads
6. Artificial Intelligence: AI has become integral in our daily lives in our smartphones and
their various applications, including artificial intelligence software such as Apple’s Siri
and Google Assistant. As a business, you can use AI to improve efficiencies, cut costs,
and help automate processes with features like a voice assistant or customized shopping
2022 will bring forth new technology trends that can provide you with the solutions you need to
optimize your operation. Pay attention to these trends and see which ones you can implement for
your small or medium enterprise. If you feel like they are outside your comfort zone, at the very
least start by ensuring you have a well-designed, user-friendly website, linked to your social
media sites, and with an e-commerce capability. You can start by registering a .ke domain name
to achieve this. For more information, check out