A domain auction is the process of buying and selling domains names through an auctioneering platform. By this, it enables individuals to bid on deleted domains available and that they suite their needs.

Purchasing of a domain can be a very exciting process for any new business. However, it is more than just finding the perfect name for your business. Here are a few tips to look out for when purchasing a domain:

  • Watch Out for hidden fees

When purchasing a domain, price can be a big factor to it. Some registry offers promotional prices at an extreme low cost, but then hide some other fees.

Some of the ways that can be used in hiding fees are:

Adding in hidden cost-Many people when buying domains do not usually read the terms and conditions for an auction. This results to someone overlooking on any hidden cost that may be there. Before making any domain purchase, always read the “Terms of service” for questionable terms, obligations or fees.

Paying for editing the WHOIS information– Some registry will have hidden fees on changing the WHOIS information which should be without any additional cost.

Charging for the transfer of a domain: One should check for any transfer-out fees for moving your domain to another hosting company.

  • Protect your privacy: Unprotected data is easily corrupted by scammers and spammers. Always be on the look-out for those who charge premium for “privacy services”
  • Protect your data: By failing to protect your personal data, some registry will sell your data to a third party. Others will even source out for the WHOIS data and send out invoices for people to renew. When purchasing a domain, make sure to find a registry that does not share our private information of a domain.
  • Transparency: When buying a domain, ensure that they do have transparency in their pricing and practices. Information such as renewing of a domain, transferring or cancelling of a domain should be information that is easily accessed.


When buying a domain that had already been registered can be a bit complicated than registering an available on. However, this process can be advantageous if you find the perfect domain name. Engage with our website https://auction.kenic.or.ke/ and bid for your domain name today.

-By Anne Wahito, Marketing Intern