Cyber-crime involves any criminal activity related to information systems and networks which may include phishing, malware, social engineering etc. and therefore the need for cyber security. Cyber security is the backbone of the technologies, practices and processes that are designed to protect our systems, computers and programs from cyber criminals hence the need to create awareness on cyber security which basically refers to how much the end user knows about the cyber security threats, their networks, the risks they bring and security practices they can adopt to mitigate against the said threats. In many cases, it is discovered that human are the ones who click on an attachment that installs malware or unveiled sensitive information leading to data breaches that costs individuals and businesses making loss thus the importance to make people aware of some of these measures.

One of the main importance of raising awareness is that it brings better information about cyber security to the society. By creating awareness to them it goes beyond consciously knowing the potential threats of cyber activities but also provides them with hands on knowledge and information on how the cyber-crime works, what is expected of them as well as equipping them with knowledge that they may need to prevent and mitigate major incidents. As a result of this people are given confidence as it improves their well-being making them feel safer and secure hence becoming productive in their daily works.

In addition to that it helps in building a culture of security in that it instills good cyber security hygiene where people develop habits that will make it easier for them to avoid falling victim to security threats in future and be able to facilitate an organizational culture built around that prevention and mitigation hence becoming socially responsible in their businesses.

KeNIC, through implementation of the DNSSec training for accredited .KE domain registrars, is at the forefront of creating awareness and contributing in making technological defenses , more robust to prevent breaches in that people learn the importance of what constitutes cyber security threats and how to report them thus contributing to faster response time and consequently less impact avoiding damages on data’s and software’s and as a result it saves a lot of money.

Being aware of cyber-attacks and techniques to reduce it will reduce the many chances of data breach hence it is everyone’s responsibility to be educated on the various cyber security matters.

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