E-commerce is a business model where buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services with customers over the internet. Due to the advancement of the use of internet, most consumers prefer buying things online compared to buying from physical stores. As a result of this, most companies are encouraged to have both online and physical presence.

Much like starting any business, there are a few steps that one can take in order to start an online business. Below are five reasons to consider

  1. Research on the various E-commerce business models and finding your niche

Before starting any business, doing a through research and knowing the niche that you will place your business is very necessary. For example, things to consider are, will it be a product or a service? Where to source and store the products? Will be services be offered on subscription basis? Along these lines, one needs to think about the type of business model they would want to implement.

  1. Validating your product or services idea

After having a business idea, one should research on how similar product are doing in the market and learning on what to do different from the rest. Also take time in understanding what customers are looking for. This helps creating a difference on customer experience.

  1. Selecting on the business name

Once you have the plan in place, the next step is on finding a name for your business. Like starting any business, you need a unique name that clearly portraits what your business is or does.

  1. Sourcing of the product and service

Due to the high number of competitions, it is advisable to find the best quality and prices of the products and services that will be sold. Good products and services will help your business thrive.

  1. Choose an e-commerce platform and website

Finally, instead of searching for a physical store, one should start by creating a website as an online store. Like just a physical store, the website will be what your customers will see first. Start by having a domain name that matches your business name.


Having an online presence is the new way to go. With so many success stories of e-commerce businesses, it is time to think big and start your own. Click on this link https://kenic.or.ke/   to register your domain