Millions of people use search engines to find websites of interest, while others just type in a URL with the hope they’ll reach the right site.
Here are some things to consider:

Get numerous domain names
o This may sound expensive but that is not the case. You can use them for sites with uniquely different content to help with search engine optimization; secure them in order to keep them from being registered by competitors; or you can use them as marketing domains and redirect them to your primary website.
Get your personal name

o In addition to your business name, it is always important that you get your own name if you want it to be associated with your business.
You are the brand to your business and vice versa.

Register all extensions
o As competitors will always want to pull you down using online tools, buy at least three main extensions to start with. It doesn’t cost much and prevents others from competing for site visitors by using your company name. At a minimum, get,, and
Register multiple spellings

o People might type in URLs and misspell them, therefore, it is often advantageous to register misspellings of your domain name and permanently redirect them to your primary domain.
Create multiple mini sites

o The opportunity to have differential pricing is a powerful online marketing tool. Multiple sites can offer identical table fans at different price points, from a single physical address.