Domain names are the gateway to any website, mobile application or an email address. Most people fail to recognize or understand the use of a domain name, but they actually use them on a daily basis. This has become part of daily interactions, as it is incorporated in all the digital and social platforms that we use.

A domain name being one of the key components in these digital platforms, it plays a great role in their functionality, thus one must ensure that it is up and active at all times. All domain names are on a subscription service, where they are bound to expire annually, thus must be renewed so as to continue accessing any website or application attached to them.

All .KE domain names can be renewed for a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. The duration is considered as one calendar year from the date of Registration, after which it expires, then you are given 90 days grace period to renew it. Within the grace period, all service attached to the domain, i.e Website, emails, application etc will not be accessible.

It is highly recommended that you consider renewing your domain name for the maximum duration, so as to avert instances of forgetting to renew annually.
Once a domain name expires, it gets suspended and eventually deleted from the system, making it available for Registration on a first come first serve basis. The risk of losing your valued online brand here is real as many big brands have lost their domain names in such scenarios. Companies also lose business for the duration that their website or email are inaccessible, which often results form lack of domain renewal services.

To renew your domain name, get in touch with your respective accredited Registrar who will facilitate renewal of the domain name. In case you don’t know who your Registrar is, you can search using your domain name here.