Domains are essential assets especially if you want your brand to reach miles you can’t access physically on a daily basis. You can buy a domain related to the place your business is based depending on the target audience. However, your location has no real effect on your domain name. When you’re buying a domain name, you can ccTLD names such as .KE for Kenya and .UK for United Kingdom. No matter which country you’re from, you can create a website using one of the standard domain extensions found at

Certain domain extensions are only available to residents of that country. For example, you can only register certain domains if you’re a natural or legal citizen of the European Union. But when it comes to .KE domains, things are a bit different. Any company or individual can register a .KE domain, through KeNIC credited Registrars by visiting

All across the world, many business owners choose to register several different domain extensions, as well as any typos or misspellings of the .KE domain so as to protect their brand online. Choosing the right domain and making sure you keep up with domain registration helps you build a strong online presence.

Part of learning how to buy a domain name is knowing which domain names to buy for your business. If you want to cover all your bases, this means buying the same domain with all .KE domain extensions. You can also purchase misspellings and typos of your domain name, that way, you can redirect people to your website even if they don’t type your domain right. You can find all domain extensions by visiting

-By Stephen Wafula, Sales Accounts Executive