Buying Second Level Domains: What you Need to Know

You might have been interested in a particular domain during the just concluded Auction, but due to unavoidable circumstances, you missed bidding for it and someone else acquired it. If the domain name you want is already owned, it might still be available. Assuming you find a name that you simply must have, here are the steps to complete a purchase:

  1. Find the Owner’s Contact Information

Locate the owner of the domain by looking up their contact information through the KeNIC WHOIS directory or any other online WHOIS service platforms. If it isn’t listed, you may be able to contact them from the information you find on the domain’s website.

  1. Verify Ownership of Your New Domain

Always check the Intellectual rights and Trademarks of any domain. Developers or domain hosts might want to sell someone else’s domain using unscrupulous means, thus welcoming you to the world of disputes and unplanned court cases. This will result in a waste of time and resources.

  1. Negotiate a Fair Price

Once you make contact, offer a fair price for the domain. If you aren’t sure about the price, do some research. Use online tools to check the value of the domain you are interested in.

  1. Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar

Visit this link on the KeNIC Website. We have listed Registrars that are accredited by KeNIC, which is Kenya’s Country Code Top Level Domain Registry. Click on any Registrar, compare packages and settle on a Registrar of your choice, make contact with him and begin the process.

  1. Purchase Your Domain Name and Complete Its Registration

Once you settle on a Registrar, it’s time to purchase your domain from whoever you have agreed with. The Registrar should be able to let you know the annual cost of the domain name as well as any available discounts.

Make sure you enter your CORRECT WHOIS information. This is your accurate contact information, including an email address, phone number, location, etc. that you use to register the domain.

  1. Complete the Sale Using Escrow

Avoid wiring money to a stranger on the Internet. It’s just a bad idea. Instead, use an ESCROW service to ensure that both parties are satisfied and your sale is as low risk as possible. Escrow is a legal concept describing a financial instrument whereby an asset or escrow money is held by a third party on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction.