When COVID-19 hit the country, many thriving offline and online businesses were sadly reduced to nutshells. Many closed down while others struggled with inventory as customers’ needs took an unprecedented shift .To avoid more losses, the majority of businesses decided to respond by redefining their business intent and direction. This shift is still on for many businesses as customers also continue redefining their needs and wants.
Thus, as an existing or closed business is there anything you can do online to recover and engage with new or existing customers?

Assess your Website/Domain
With the tentative push and pull of the pandemic, your business may have either shut down or scaled down its operations. You are now asking yourself, “Should I pull down my domain/ website or not?” Whichever you decide on, it is good to look at the overall brand value of your online platform to your business and bottom line.
For instance, if you have scaled down your operations, maintaining your . KE domain/web presence can still prove relevant if you want to show your customers that your services/goods are accessible upon request. If you are not in business, then maintaining your domain and company website provides you with the chance to still engage and maintain your previous online customers. This can give you more time to strategize on how to bounce back in business, including managing marketing aspects and deliveries.

Talk with Your Internet Service Providers
Different Internet service providers provide different support services for domains and websites. So when business is down it is a good time to check your local domain service provider and review the services they provide you. You need not be quick to change providers, cut down internet services or close down your site as this may be easily tantamount to loss of Brand identity and value. Thus, If your .co.ke domain and internet services are still relevant to you, maintaining your business website would be a welcome idea.

There are also some instances where a much more critical review of your Internet service providers is needed. For instance, if your business is into online deliveries, then you may decide to cut down your email spending and up your marketing activities on other social media sites depending on which platform provides better response and engagement.