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The Domain Name System Forum is an annual open event for stakeholders in the Domain Name Industry.
This is an inaugural event in Kenya that is poised to bring together ICT/DNS experts, government
representatives, local and international policy makers, global Registries for country code top-level domain
(ccTLDs), domain name registrars and registrants to discuss the growth of the DNS Ecosystem and its
impact on technology.
The purpose of the event is to promote the domain name industry and help the Kenyan ccTLD grow.

The Theme for this year’s event is Growth of the Domain Name System in Kenya and Beyond.

The forum will have four plenary sessions with the following objectives:

Plenary 1: Provide an overview of the progress in ICT with a focus on the DNS
sector. A focus on the past, present, and future of ICT in Kenya, the
role the DNS sector has played at each step, and how ICT has
contributed to the growth of a digital economy.

Plenary 2: Identify emerging DNS industry trends and the impact on the ICT sector
and the stakeholders with a particular focus on:
• Impact of Data Protection Law on stakeholders in the ICT sector.
• Emerging trends in the legal and regulation spectrum
• Compliance by the players in the sector
• Emerging trends in technology-Digital tax, Data Protection

Plenary 3: Learn how registries in the region and beyond have adopted best
business practice to grow the DNS sector and success stories centered
• The GDPR and its impact on business.
• How Registries are handling WHOIS challenges.
• Dispute resolution mechanisms and the common trends on
• Resilience during COVID-19 pandemic

Plenary 4: Understand how the DNS Ecosystem is set to evolve in the coming
years as the DNS sector expands and consumer adoption of DNS
security grows.