Cybersecurity has gained major importance in today’s world; it is no longer a choice, but a need. With this in mind, we hosted a #KeNICTalks webinar on 29th November 2022, 10:00am – 11:30am

The future of the Security of Cyberspace in Kenya is dependent on future generation and with a sudden shift from offline to online mode of learning/working, Cybersecurity has gained major importance; it is no longer a choice, but a need.

The youths are impacted more by cybercrime now than ever before. They are surrounded by online crime and malicious activity and they must be prepared for that reality.

Curiosity is one word that many experts are using to describe Gen-Z. This curiosity has allowed them to look past the problem, consider existing solutions and formulate out-of-the-box approaches, unlike any generation that has gone before them. They are constantly challenging their predecessors’ problem-solving, not just in cybersecurity, but far beyond that, from challenging social norms to advocating for long-overdue policy changes in every aspect of society.

They have what it takes to come to the table with new ideas that break the mold in a profound way. This stems from a generational lack of cybersecurity education, yet we can change this problem now by promoting the education of children in cybersecurity.

The KeNIC Webinar, #KeNICTALKS focused on:

1. How cybersecurity awareness or digital literacy campaigns can increase online safety.
2. Approaches of introducing cybersecurity as a curriculum in learning institutions.
3. Supporting  youth to explore cybersecurity as an area of study or career.

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