KeNIC Member

Geoffrey Shimanyula
Board Chairman – Rep. TESPOK

Geoffrey is a veteran player both regionally and internationally in the Information Technology and Telecommunications space with over twenty-five years of experience. Having joined the space when internet in Kenya was based on dial-up connectivity and everyone hosted their websites and even mail servers in the USA. He is glad to be part of the KeNIC team when the .ke domain is a pride for every Kenyan entity to carry. He had the opportunity to work with some big brands not just in Kenya but regionally and also internationally starting with the Pioneer ISP in the region AfricaOnline, followed by UUNET now MTN Global, Space Communications, PeerApp, Liquid and last but not least, Telkom Kenya LTD. Over the years, he has earned experience in the Data, voice, cloud, Satellite, Software and Hardware areas of IT. He is am focussing his energies in the area of Strategy development, Training, Coaching and Mentorship with a special focus on the Commercial side of businesses. Happily serving as the Chairperson of the Kenya Information Centre – KeNIC