KeNIC is anticipating to run a domain auction for premium Second Level Domain names tentatively from October 2021. This will be an opportunity to get unique, generic and rarely available names, which have a big demand in both local and international market.
The domain auction which is the second to be run by the KeNIC registry, will be conducted in an open and transparent platform where all bids will be online. There is a list of about one thousand premium names which will be up for auction. Some of the names have attracted global attention as people want to have them. Such names include: NI.KE, DU.KE, LA.KE etc.

Some of these names are estimated to be worth over 50,00USD, as they are considered to be extremely unique and rare to get, where they have a big demand in the internet economy. They are also associated with common phrases and brands. It has also been noted that “KE” is a phrase associated with good luck in some Asian countries such as China, thus eliciting more demand for the Kenyan extension in one of the worlds biggest economies.

One of the reasons why these short names are considered to be premium, is that people want names that are short, Unique and relate to their brands or contain keywords in them. I.e NI.KE, which somehow in full can be read to denote the common multinational shoe brand company. This would make it easy for persons searching for their brand to just key in the name as is. Mainly domain names should be easy to remember and type so as to avoid misspellings.

The dates for the auction will be announced soon via all our digital and social platforms as well as the list of premium names that will be up for grabs. The Terms and conditions for participation will also be shared in due time. Dont miss out on these great domain names. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates.