.KE domain names are Registered through KeNIC accredited Registrars. These are entities which purchase domain names from the Registry (KeNIC), add value to it and sell to the end user (Registrant). These value addition services include Hosting, SSL certificates and website design among others.

Domain name Registration is the first step when creating a website or having customized email addresses.

.KE domain names are Registered for a period of 1-5 years. Being a subscription, the domain name should be Renewed every year to avert its expiry and subsequent deletion.

This article explains the domain name lifecycle from Registration to Deletion.

1. Domain name is Registered or Renewed

Domain names can be registered or renewed for a period of 1-5 years, as long as the period does not cut across the maximum allowed period from the registration or renewal date.


2. Domain Name Expires, Beginning Of Renewal Grace Period

After the domain name is Registered or Renewed, it runs for a duration of one year form that date, after which the subscription lapses and if not Renewed, it gets into Expiry phase.

Once the domain name expires, it enters “Renewal Grace Period (RGP)” of 90 days within which it is available to the Registrant. Domains are auto suspended 14 days after expiry date

During the grace period the domain owner, through a Registrar, can renew their domain names.

From the 15th day to 90th day after expiry, it goes into suspension period. DNS server of the domain name is no longer available & all services associated with the domain name (e.g. website, emails) will automatically not be available. Since the domain is on server hold, you can renew it through your Registrar, but for a transfer you have to request for restoration, which is done by the Registry (KeNIC).


3. Eighty (80) days after expiration

Eighty days after the domain name expires, it goes into pending delete (Pending Purge) status.

At the end of Renewal Grace Period, the domain name is under pending delete status for 10 days. This is the Pending Purge, which runs for 10 days. During the “Pending Purge Period” the domain owner can renew their domain name through the Registrar, who has to request that it’s restored, which is done by the Registry (KeNIC), after which the Registrar Can Renew it.

4. Redemption Period Ends, Queued for Deletion

Ninety-one days after expiration, the Redemption Period ends, the Domain name is Deleted and made available for Registration.

The domain name will be released by the Registry and at this point, it will be available to the general public for registration on “First come First serve basis”.

Multiple .KE  domain names are registered every day and  they are all available for registration and expire at a point of time. If you are nterested in purchasing a domain name, you must understand a typical lifecycle of a .KE domain name. Once you understand the lifecycle of a .KE domain name, you can possibly retain a domain name that is on the verge of deletion or may have accidentally expired.