If you are in the start, growth or exponential phase of your business, then you have probably gone over this question a couple of times. “Should my business have an online presence or not?” You may be asking this question because your company statistics reveal that you have more ‘offline’ than online customers. You may also be stuck in the old industrial phase of paper advertisements, physical addresses or where publishing one radio or Television advertisement could get buyers flooding into your shop for your product. But times have and are changing.

Today’s customer trends have shifted to being predominantly internet based. A majority of customers use android phones and computers, either when working or for leisure purposes. This means they are more likely to use the internet to make their purchasing decisions.

A number of major companies already have an online presence and you will be hard pressed to find a company of repute and has a sizeable market share without an online presence. No matter the establishment year.

Whether customers and clients purchase your product or not, regardless of the quality of your product, they will at least check out your business or product information online. Potential customers ordinarily go through product reviews and business information online before making a purchase decision. So if you want to align yourself to the new information age, gaining customers and maximize online opportunities to expand your business and brand, then you need to secure a .KE domain and webhosting service to begin with.

Having an online presence has many more advantages and perks that include;

  • Sound Business Decisions

Through the use of web analytics, multi billion companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook continue to tap into customer trends and use the information to conduct seamless audience analysis and segmentation. This has proved to be a base for making progressive, sound and strategic business decisions.

  • Easy Location of Business by Customers

Many customers do an internet search to learn more about a product or business, that is if they like your product or service or in the very least, thinking of doing business. They will pick on your business/product if it has the ideal product/service and is closest to them. So if your business is not even on the internet then the chances of gaining a new customer is close to zero. Securing a local .ke domain is therefore essential in accessing products and services by customers.

  • Online Marketing

Marketing services and products via online will continue to rule the information world for a long time. It bridges the information and distance gap present between a customer and a business thus making the consumer purchasing process easy. Business to business communication has also been enabled via local internet domains and web hosting services. You can thus search and get information regarding other related businesses and when need be, get into strategic partnerships with them.

With an online presence, it’s easy to harmonize online marketing activities. Through linking your social media platforms to your website and optimizing your local .KE website, you are sure to lead prospective customers to making a purchase. Web and social media analytics have additionally come up to help you profile customers interacting with your products and services.

You can start online business today by purchasing a .KE domain and creating a platform to promote your products as well as tap into other online opportunities leading to growth in your customer base. The limits are indeed limitless and border less.