Accessibility: Being a uniquely Kenyan domain, the client is able to access the registry in a timely and efficient manner. The KeNIC is available for walk-ins and other forms of reaching out to clients in case of queries or other issues.

Brand security: KeNIC , in conjunction with its accredited registrars, ensures that maximum security mechanisms for your domain name have been implemented. Upon acquisition of a dot ke domain, the client is assured of the protection of their brand.

Today, many small, medium and large-sized companies are taking the step to secure their online presence. This is because of the imposing risk of domain hacking and theft of intellectual property rights.

As the official custodian of the .ke domain name in Kenya, KeNIC is encouraging Businesses to protect their brands from cyber threats and crimes through registration of their .KE brand names.

Branding: It is uniquely Kenyan therefore gives you a comparative advantage of owning a Kenyan domain. It makes it easy for designated clients to find you on the internet.

Helps you access your target market: It gives you Kenyan identity thus encourage interaction with your specified market.

Gives an online presence: The .ke domain is uniquely Kenyan. It clearly states that a business is Kenya based. It gives a global reach in terms of being associated with own country. Being a local domain, it increases the search engine optimization (SEO), thus
being the top on the search results.

Timely assistance:  KeNIC has an efficient customer care department that ensure client queries are answered on a timely manner. Upon needing clarification, clients can not only contact through phone calls and emails but also through chatting on the
Kenyan website.

Availability of domain names: There is a range of domain names that clients can chose. There is a 90% chance that the desired domain name can be found after searching on the KeNIC website.