An important consideration when registering a domain name is selecting a name that will be memorable. A good domain name can be an important asset for your brand and one can easily lose their domain name by making some small mistakes.
In this article we will explain the common reasons domains are lost and in what ways you can protect your domain name.

Domain name expiration
A domain name is not yours forever upon registration. When you register a domain name, you reserve the right to use it for a minimum of one year. To extend your ownership of the domain, you will need to renew it year by year. The most common reason domains are deleted is because the registrant failed to realize that their domain has expired and needs to be renewed. If your domain name is valuable to your business, it is important to renew it earlier to avoid any inconveniences. You have the option to renew the domain for up to 5 years to reduce the risk of losing the domain name.

Inaccurate or outdated contact information
It is important to ensure you provide the right details when registering a domain name. Businesses usually rely on web developers to register domain names on their behalf in order to create websites. However, some web developers register these domain names with their own information and not the business information. In this instance, the web developer will be recognized as the owner of the domain and they are able to authorize the transfer/deletion of the domain name.
Another common instance is a business registering a domain name using an employee’s details. The business risks losing the domain name if an employee leaves and can not be reached. It is important the contact information regularly just in case.
Finally, if your information is not accurate, a domain Registrar can not reach you to remind you to renew the domain.

Domain name hijacking
Domains names hijacking is when the registration information of a domain name is changed without the knowledge of the owner. Domain name hijacking brings about the following risks:
• Financial damage- Companies that rely on their websites for business may lose a lot of money when their website is not reachable.
• Damaged reputation- Malicious individuals may acquire your website and defraud unsuspecting individuals thus ruining the reputation of your brand.
Your organization may be held liable for any data breaches, data leaks and damages brought about by the hijacking of your domain name. To avoid domain name theft, you should do the following:
• Choose a reputable Registrars
• Enable 2 factor authentication
• Use strong passwords
• Do not share your credentials
• Keep contact details up to date