As the domain industry shifts and developments kick in, it is always good to refresh your knowledge and get extra ideas on selling domains. This is especially if your primary business is domain selling. Assuming you have already identified, registered and acquired the full rights to sell or resell your domain, you will need to do the following:

1.Use the WhoIs entry
Putting aside the vulnerability of WhoIs entries to spam attacks, you can consider using the entry to indicate that your domain is up for sale. Simply place a domain sale extension followed by your company name and you are sure to get a few prospects looking to make a buy.

2.Add More Description Details To Your Domain
Doing a product description of your domain, including mentioning the appropriate use of your domain’s URL, will assist to attract more buyers. As you consider this, note that most platforms will charge a minimal fee for you to provide a description of your domain. But all this will be worthwhile if you’re dealing with a top level domain or a trendy second or third level domain.

3.Be Keen on Pricing
Pricing is usually a tricky affair for most domain sellers thus opinions and success rates vary. That notwithstanding, you may consider setting a non-negotiable asking price on your domain. This is if you are dealing with a premium top level / second level domain The advantage of this is your prospects will consider it a quality domain.

If this doesn’t sit well with you, then the other alternative would be trading your domain via an auction. This selling strategy, if successful, will enable you to get better profit margins from interested domain buyers in the long run.

4.Keep track of Domain Prices
With the rise and fall of domain prices in the market, it is of value to keep track of domain prices similar to yours. Evaluating your domain price from time to time ensures that you don’t over or under sell. A domain price that is both profitable and price friendly is the way to go.

5.Check Rating of domain sources
Just like selling any other product, selling a domain requires some level of trust between the seller and buyer. That is why it’s always good to settle on a credible and recognised domain source or government affiliated domain source as it is trustworthy to most domain buyers.