With the advancement of technology which has been brought about by the high internet speeds and mobile penetration in Kenya, most people have resulted to shopping online, mostly from their devices at the convenient of their homes or offices.

This has left sellers with the option of selling online or get faced out of business. With an increase of young entrepreneurs in the country, they have proved a new way of doing business, where they invest heavily on digital platforms, thus maximizing on the large network of clients who are using these digital platforms.

Since every new thing comes with its own challenges, cons have also become part of these online sellers, with an intention of scamming unsuspecting buyers. This has eroded some trust among the online shoppers, who have mostly resulted to buying from credible and trusted brands, who have websites. The source of the website is also a big determinant nowadays to customers, as they prefer those with a .KE domain name, due to originality of the source being Kenya.

With the increased demand of e-commerce websites in the country, the google engines have so many websites of different brands selling the same products/ services. Every seller wants their products to appear at the top page, which has created a war of the might’s to have their website rank first.

Having a website rank high on Google Search engines or appear on the first page is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. There are many key factors that determine if a website will rank top or not. These are:

  • Domain name: Having a .KE domain name gives your website a higher ranking especially for local based search results. This means that those selling items on a .KE domain name, will rank higher than those selling on other domain extensions.
  • Key Words: Use of keywords that are rich or contain the items you are selling is good as they help Google pick your website whenever someone is searching for it. This is a good strategy to ensure that there is more traffic to your website.
  • Optimization: Having a website that can fit on any screen is good for SEO. Since people do access the website from different devices, I.e Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, they should have an easy time navigating through.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Page Speed
  • Use of Links

To register your .KE domain name, just follow these easy steps https://kenic.or.ke/ke-domain/