There are no set formulas to determine how you can rate the value of your domain.

However, the following methods have been used by various experts to rate the value of domains:

1. Research What Similar Domains Are Selling For
To figure out what people may be willing to pay for your domain name, you need to know what people are charging for similar domains. Ideally, you want to have an idea of what domains similar to yours are selling/have sold for. At the very least, this gives you a range to aim for.
Finding financial data online for a domain may prove difficult since most sites don’t publish their sales. A lot of domain sales aren’t part of the public record, and there’s no database that keeps track of them.

Domains that are short, memorable, clear, and keyword-heavy mostly attract the same price. If one of your domains is very similar, you might be sitting on a potential goldmine. These roundups can also help you catch recent trends in domain names.

2. List Your Domain Name for Sale and Check Offers Firsthand
Put up for sale the domains that are premium and let the market figure out what price they can pay. You don’t need to set a price when you put up a listing. There are online sites, for example, that enable you to list domains for free and entertain offers without any commitment. This might sound drastic, especially if you don’t actually want to lose the domain just yet, but it doesn’t have to be a risk.

This method, however, needs more time to work or to achieve desired results. You need to give your listings some time. You might receive offers that are too low at first, and if you don’t wait for more potential buyers to find your domain name in the marketplace, you might come up with the wrong valuation.

If the reserve is not matched or exceeded by any offers, the auction ends without a transaction actually taking place. This lets you put up a domain for auction and see what people are willing to pay, without the risk of selling the domain for less than you’re satisfied. By doing that, you are now able to set up a minimum base price for your Premium domain during the actual auction.