How to Choose a Domain Registrar

A domain name Registrar is an individual, company or organization that registers domains on behalf of the actual domain owner or Registrant. A domain name Registrar must be accredited by a generic Top Level Domain( gTLD) Registry or a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Registry.

Domain name Registrars are not all the same. Aside from pricing, there are other important criteria when choosing a Registrar. The intention of this article is not to recommend a specific service provider or compare different registrars, but rather to provide important criteria when choosing a Registrar. Below are key considerations when choosing a registrar.

Does the Registrar offer the desired domain name?
The first step in finding a great domain name is conducting a name search. The reason for doing this is that the domain name you may want may not be available and you will need to find another name to register. It is important to note that not all Registrars are licensed to register specific niche domain names such as .KE domain names.

It is important to choose a reliable company that will not compromise your digital identity. The company should give you access to a dedicated support team and provide solutions to challenges you are facing.

Transparent pricing
Registrants should research a company extensively to be sure they understand the pricing policies. The customer should consider if it was a promotion period and how the price will be affected when the period ends. It is also important to note that some Registrars offer discounts on registration but prices may change when other services are bundled in. Transparency avoids disputes.

Anyone concerned with the security of a domain should vet the Registrars’ security systems. Threats such as domain name hijacking whereby one changes the ownership details of a domain name without the owner’s knowledge are high in companies that do not have efficient security protocols.

Customers should make a note of the features that matter most to them before making a decision. It is advisable to deal with Accredited and Licensed Registrars. KeNIC has Accredited Registrars listed on the company website.
Here is a link to the .KE domain Registrars