A domain name dispute is a conflict that arises when more than one individual or group believe they have a right to a specific domain name. It involves a complain that made on the grounds that a domain has been illegitimately registered or the domain is being used in bad faith.

Domain names disputes can be expensive if they are not resolved soon. There are a few ways to avoid disputes, these are:

Register your company name as a trademark

A trademark gives you exclusive rights to your business name in the country. When an individual registers a domain name and uses your trademarked name without your consent, they will be infringing on your trademark and you are able to file a legal complaint against the user. Individuals are less inclined to register domain names linked to trademarked names with fear of losing the domain.

Secure multiple extensions

Securing multiple extensions protects your brand from individuals who would want to register your brand name with other extensions. Competitors do this so that they mislead your customers into thinking they are interacting with your company. You can file a dispute but the process may drag on for a long period of time which is not good for business.

Confirm the domain details upon registration

Always make sure your domain is registered with the correct details i.e.your email address, your phone number and full names especially when you are using a middle man to access domain and hosting services. The Registry will consider the details for the domain as belonging to the owner. You may find it difficult to have the details changed later on.

Monitor your domain

It is important to continually monitor your domain name for any changes to the registration details. If it is a company domain, always ensure to change the domain details if the domain was registered with a departing employee’s details.


While all the steps highlighted in the article can help avoid domain name disputes, sometimes disputes will still arise and there are outlined steps for handling it. Visit https://kenic.or.ke/domain-disputes/ to learn more on how you can raise a dispute for a domain name.

-By Joel Lumumba, Accounts Executive