Too many high-quality domains are sitting idle, awaiting their big moment to bring a business to its full potential. KeNIC is giving you a chance to get great second level starting November 2022. There are many companies and organisations that are still not using the right domain name. So, how does the KeNIC auction differ from others out there?

This auction comprises entirely or PREMIUM second-level domains. What does that mean? These are domains that are extremely rare, unique, and preclude confusion with any other domain extension. They, therefore, have premium values as they give the bidder a unique and valuable identity. KeNIC has made these reserved high-quality domain names available in this auction.

Inherently, all online auctions should be transparent, easily accessible, and safe. We have ensured all this is in place. Our online platform is secure, easy to find, and easy to use. Furthermore, all the terms and conditions of the auction are available on this platform so you can read the fine print before you bid, not be accosted by it once you’ve set things in motion. With a couple of clicks, you can create an account, verify it and start bidding on domains. In addition, KeNIC will provide you with hands-on customer care and assist you throughout every step of the process.

The KeNIC auction also includes a “Buy NOW” option. Simply put, you can buy premium domains from a set list, without having to bid multiple times. The buying price is inclusive of the registration price and is paid immediately. Once paid, the bought domain is removed from the platform and you choose which Registrar you’d like the domain name transferred to.


With a little research and patience, you will be able to find some hidden gems in the domain auctions. Look out for KeNIC’s SLD AUCTION in November 2022 to secure the names you want. On a first-come, first-serve basis, you can own a rare, premium domain name. Visit for more information.