A domain is an address that is typed in on the web browser to visit a website. Upon acquisition of a domain, the registrant needs to be aware that the domain will expire exactly a year after it has been registered and the process repeats itself.

Upon expiry, you have a ninety-day grace period within which they have to renew. Fourteen days after the domain expiry, you will be unable to access your email until after renewal. After the end of the grace period, if the domain has not been renewed it is deleted and released to the public for purchase.

Deletion of a domain means that you will lose your valued domain and potential clients. The domain also becomes available for Registration again on a first come first serve basis, which would pose a great threat to your brands online existence. Upon domain expiry, the registrar may send a notification to you to inform you of the domain expiry. It is however important to be aware of your domains age as the registrant. This will make it convenience to plan for domain renewals in time.

In some instances, you may receive reminders from KeNIC which may be through calls oe SMS. It is therefore advisable to have the right details registered under the domain, that is; the name, email and phone number, for easy access. In order to renew the domain, the you need to contact your KeNIC accredited registrar.

In cases where, the registrant doesn’t know their registrar, they can contact KeNIC for verification of the same or do a WHOIS search here to know who your Registrar is. Registrars can be contacted either via email, phone numbers or even do a physical visit to their premises if need be. The domain renewal process is immediate and should take less than an hour to do so.

It is recommendable to renew your domain before expiry in order to have your services attached to it run smoothly. In instances whereby you are unable to reach the registrar, you can send an email to the registrar and cc support@kenic.or.ke for prompt action. The registrant has the option to renew their domain for a longer duration which can be up to 5years. Upon domain renewal, it is important for the registrant to set a reminder for the next renewal.