With the emerging trends in the digital ecosystem, there is a need for individuals and businesses to adapt to this norm and ensure they have online presence.

To be online,  one needs a website because it helps you to gain potential  customers and retain existing ones. It has been observed that , most people visit the internet to search for products they require and their purchase decisions is derived from the search engine via websites. In addition businesses and individuals should have websites that have optimized search engines that drive huge sales. Further a website is important in the sense that its accessible 24/7 to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

A domain name is a web address that internet users use to access your website. It consists of a website name e.g. www.your name or business name and a domain name extension for example: – www.kenic.or.ke. In short to build a website one needs a domain name.

Explained below are three simple ways to select a valuable domain name: –

Keep it brief and catchy.

If you use a name that is short, memorable and relatable to your business it will make it easier for customers to access you. Longer names can be easily misspelled putting you at risk of losing your customers.

Explore on ideal domain name you want.

Think about a name that you will use for a long period of time and will not need you to rebrand in future. Once you settle on a domain name, register it immediately

If the domain name you wanted is already registered, there are many other available domain names for you to consider.

Avoid numbers/ symbols

Using numbers/symbols such as hyphens or underscores might make you lose potential clients. For the reason that a client may substitute the symbols/numbers and be directed to a different brand or receive an error indicating that the site is not working.

The use of such characters also puts your brand in question of its credibility. The reality is most people associate these domain names with scammers as most of the spam emails and sites are linked to domains with numbers and symbols.

Protect your business brand with multiple domains

It is good to register your brand name under multiple domains so as not to give room to fraudsters who may want to use your brand name for personal gains or to sabotage your business. A malicious individual may register a domain name similar to your brand name and defraud unsuspecting customers purporting to be a legitimate company. This may greatly ruin your brand’s reputation and you will lose customer confidence.

KeNIC’s mandate is to provide businesses and individuals with opportunities to have an online presence, email address and websites on the .ke platforms.

To register a .Ke domain name, you should check its availability. If its available, it can be registered by any person or organization via a KeNIC Accredited Registrar. you can visit https://kenic.or.ke/registrars/ and select a Registrar of choice to assist with the registration.