What is WHOIS?
WHOIS is a database that houses the information collected when some registers a domain name. Every domain name that is registered belongs to someone and by default the registration information is public. When a domain is registered, the registrant has to supply their information and this information needs to be accurate. The information collected during the registration process includes your:
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email Address
Due to the sensitivity of the above information, most users do want this information public for privacy reasons. Registrants have an option to have the Registrar’s information appearing on a WHOIS look up page and anyone looking to contact you can reach out to your Registrar and the Registrar will direct any inquiries to you
Some of the instances of inaccurate who is information include:
• The domain Registrar/ reseller puts their own information instead of the Registrant’s information when registering the domain name.
• When the registrant provides the wrong contact information. This may be because they do not want to maintain their privacy and do not want to be contacted.
• Omitted information. Some details may be omitted by mistake during the registration process. For example, a phone number may miss certain digits making the registrant unreachable.
Below are some of the reasons why having accurate WHOIS information is important.
Business networking
Business networking establish a mutually beneficial relationship with other business and potential clients or customers. Businesses looking to partner with you will look up the WHOIS information. If the information is not accurate, there is an opportunity lost as there will be no way to reach out to you.
Reduces risk of losing your domain name
Maintaining accurate WHOIS information reduces the chances of an unauthorized modification or transfer of your domain name. Accurate information ensures that the Registry can communicate critical information to you. ICANN requires domains to be registered with accurate information and having an invalid WHOIS record can result in the suspension and deletion of your domain name.
Transferring your domain name
When transferring a domain name, matters of WHOIS comes into play. The domain transfer code will always be shared to domain registrants as per the Registry. When the WHOIS information is not accurate, the wait to resolve the issue may be painfully long because ownership of the domain name needs to be verified.
Take charge of your domain name and the information that surrounds you. Follow up with your Registrar to ensure the information attached to your domain is accurate. Visit https://whois.kenic.or.ke/whois.jsp to check your domain status today.