Any name and entity can be trademarked. Anything that someone is associated with at any given time be it a logo, name, website or domain name can be subject to trademarks.

If for example is a World Wide known brand that sells animal feeds, and you open another bwck as a place to sell your own animal feeds (and you didn’t have a very good reason for choosing that domain) you would be infringing bcwk’s trademark and they could take legal action against you to confiscate that domain from you. Even if you had a very good reason, they could still take it from you under trademark dilution theory (Trademark dilution is a trademark law concept giving the owner of a famous or well-known trademark power to forbid others from using the mark in a way that would lessen its uniqueness)

Not only famous names are trademarked, but all the names that someone feels are important and can sometimes be used for promotional or money making purposes. In fact, someone doesn’t even have to make money to use a mark in commerce.

If you use someone else’s trademark whether it’s famous or not to confuse people into coming to your site, or with the intention of selling it later on to the person who uses the name, then you may be guilty of cybersquatting. Keep in mind, though, if you register a domain containing a trademark but are using it for a non-commercial purpose like parody or criticism, then you are free to use that trademark

If someone has stolen your domain name, someone has accused you of misusing their trademark in your domain name, or you’re unsure whether or not you’re cybersquatting, feel free to contact KeNIC for help.