Depending on your goal and the marketing campaign that you’re running, your domain name is one of the most aggressive marketing tools.
A domain name can be directed or pointed in the form of a url to a certain campaign that you are running on your Website. If you have budgets set aside for a particular campaign, you can create a campaign-specific landing page or even develop a brand-new micro-website to serve the purpose of what you are pushing at that specific time.
The followings are 2 ways you can use a domain as a tool for effective digital marketing:

1. Tailor-make your domain name to suit your target audience
If you are pushing a campaign for beauty products, make sure your domain name somehow speaks to your target audience. Choose a name that has some touch of what your campaign is, for example, etc.

Also, make your page as interactive as possible to allow your target market to know what they are purchasing through an interactive Q&A section on your landing page
This approach reaps multiple benefits and it allows you to:
● Target a specific audience
● Garner more attention
● Try creative ideas
● Try various types of messages and gauge which one performs well
● Track specific campaign results

2. Give each product you’re pushing a unique identity
Businesses have a specific product that does better than others. If you are, for example, in a beverage selling business, choose that one product that pushes more sales than the others and have a subdomain created for it. We all know Coca-Cola has a variety of drinks they sell but Coke stands out. The same is the case with EABL, they have multiple products but Tusker is their star product.

You don’t need to create hundreds of domain names to succeed in the competitive marketplace. A good domain name on a relevant domain extension such as .KE can go a long way in enhancing your marketing campaigns, which would create more opportunities to grow your business and keep your existing customers engaged.