Domain Auctioning
Domain auctioning is something you might want to consider if: You have a domain name that you are no longer interested in, are rebranding your website, Have no time to run your website or are in the domain/website selling and reselling business.
Whichever the case, auctioning your domain will provide a means to get back some of the money you invested in registering building and maintaining your website. As you do so, note that Top level domains can fetch you good prices if well poised in the market space.

Factors to consider when doing Domain Auction:

1. Domain Price
Since domain auctioning is a flexible activity, when beginning to auction your domain, its good not to go all out high on pricing. Check out the domain pricing of other bidders offering similar domain names. This also should be the case for newer domains.
Its important to also note that your domain auctioning time will range from 14 to 30 days depending on the platform you choose. You will therefore need to provide the starting price, minimum price and Buy now price of your domain. This is to ensure that you dont miss out on a domain buyer because of price and during the auction period.

2. Using Established Platforms
Placing your domain name for auction on established domain auctions can help to avoid the stress and hustle that comes with directly promoting your web address. You also get to receive support and bid notifications incase of new domain bids as well as, properly manage your auction time.
Established domain platform also provide a section with their page to briefly describe the key features/ benefits of the domain you are selling. This is so that potential clients can see the value of the domain on offer.

3. Domain Transfer:
Upon obtaining a domain buyer, you will be required to confirm domain ownership via email or as per the domain auctioneers options. Getting a buyer whom you share a registrar is usually an advantage to you as you will only be required to transfer the buyers information to the domains account to complete the sale. For different seller and buyer registrars, you will need to wait for the buyers support team to contact your registrar to complete the deal.