This year, the Annual Marketing Society of Kenya Awards were held on the 4th of December. KeNIC TLD submitted an entry in the Tech Category for the Best Disruptive Marketing Campaign. We are pleased to announce that KeNIC was recognized and awarded as the 1st Runner Up in this category for the successful ‘IKO.KE’ digital marketing campaign.

The ‘IKO.KE’ campaign idea was centered around creating a digital campaign that would resonate with the Kenyan consumer. Iko in Kiswahili means ‘available’ and therefore by connecting Iko and .KE, it literally means there is a .KE domain name for everyone and anyone in Kenya. This campaign was successful in positioning KeNIC and .KE domain names as top-of-mind for domain name registrars and registrants. The campaign also greatly increased brand awareness and sparked sustained conversations via social media on .KE domain names, leading to more interest and uptake.

We would like to say a big thank you to the KeNIC family for your support and partnership that made this recognition possible. We hope to build on this award with an even greater online presence, more disruptive digital campaigns and enhanced strategic partnerships to solidify KeNIC as not just a leading registry, but also a leader in the digital space.

A huge Congratulations to all fellow  participants and nominees.