Choosing the right domain name for your business is a big decision, as a domain name is more than the words you type into the browser, it’s the foundation for your online identity.
Below are some of the tips of getting your domain name right;
• Keep it short: Make your domain name as short as possible. This will help with making your brand more memorable. Hence, the fewer the characters your domain has the easier it will be to type, say and share.
• Make it Brandable: This means that when you see or hear your domain name it should sound like a brand so that your visitors should be able to intuit what your website is going to be about.
• Go with .ke: when it comes to choosing your domain extension there is always going to be a lot of different options available. However, if you can its always a good idea to go with the .ke as it’s the country’s top-level domain.
• Avoid “cutesy” names and abbreviations: Don’t use cute shorteners like 4U in your domain names because they are hard to remember and they look so unprofessional.
• Choose a domain name that is easy to remember: Customers will always find your website URL on flyers, newsletters, search queries and other websites so making the address stick is key. A domain name should be short, catchy, unique and memorable and also should avoid hyphens and numbers.
• Protect your privacy: When you register your domain name, the rules of the internet require you to give your real name, home or business address, email address and phone in that anyone online can find that information through the WHOIS database.
When you register a domain name, your information becomes public and anyone can do a domain look up to see who owns the domain.
Once you have found the right name and made sure it’s available you can register your domain name through our licensed registrars to the link