While establishing and maintaining business relationships with your customers and complementary businesses seems easy, it is usually not. It is smeared with loads of challenges especially with the COVID-19 pandemic twist. To confirm the latter fact, you only need to assess how quickly customers switch from website to website or from product to product without any notice.
However, as a domain and website owner, building online relationships can be made easy if you understand the following customer online needs.

Usually when a customer gets into your .KE website, they are looking at:

1. Importance and Trust
When an online visitor/customer visits your website for the first time they want to know as quickly as possible how fast your website will satisfy their needs. They assess this through checking how easily accessible information is on your site.

2. Is It about Me or You?
If the information on your site is relevant, most online visitors want to know if your .KE site is focused on their needs or on you. Does your website have their best interests at heart? By reading your site and information they must be convinced that your site is the best place to be or at least has some solutions worth trying.

In conclusion, living in a data driven world means any information shared on your local .KE website is relevant and targeted to specific persons. That is why many individuals and institutions choose to settle for local .KE domains. With such you are sure to communicate with customers on a local level.