A domain name is the address of a website that people type in the browser to visit a website. KeNIC is the sole administrator and manager of the .ke domain. The .ke domain has various benefits. That is, it offers credibility, accessibility, support from the registry, online presence, availability, affordability and professionalism.

Credibility. With the acquisition of the .ke domain, a client is assured that his or her personal data is highly secured and protected from Cyber-attacks. This is because KeNIC works with registrars to ensure that they have implemented security mechanisms in their infrastructure. The data is properly backed up. The registry ensures that there is back up remote sites of the data away from the central location therefore, in case of incidents, there is automated recover ups. Brand security is also assured from Cyber-attacks.

Accessibility. Clients are able to access the registry from the KeNIC website. The website offers a variety of domain names that a client is able to choose from. Aspiring registrars are able to access the requirements from the same website. WHOIS info can also be easily accessible from the registry at the tap of a button.

Support from the registry. Registrars and registrants are able to get solutions from the registry in case of any issues. The customer care services are always available in order to satisfy the clients with their inquiries. Clients can reach the customer care services by various means, that is, email, phone calls or walk-ins.

Gives an online presence. The .ke domain is uniquely Kenyan. It clearly states that a business is Kenya based. It gives a global reach in terms of being associated with own country. Being a local domain, it increases the search engine optimization (SEO), thus being the top on the search results.

Availability. The .ke domain acquisition ensures that there is an 80% chance that a client will get what they are looking for. This is because the registry offers a wide range of domain names that a client is able to choose from. The .ke domain names are also easy to remember thus providing comparative advantage for the business.

Affordability. The .ke name reduces promotion and advertising costs since the business name is also an internet identity.

Professionalism. On acquiring a .ke domain, the registry gives the client a professional email account that is unique with the business. This increases credibility with the client because information can be traced back the source. Uniqueness also reduces the risks of registrants coming into contact with counterfeit registrars. This improves trust among the registry, registrars and registrants.