With the ongoing auction of premium .KE domain names, the process has been smooth and seamless with up to 400 domain names under “BUY NOW OPTION” having been bought within the first week of the auction. This was occasioned by the high demand of Unique domain names, which give brands a cutting-edge competitive advantage online. These names are also rare to get as most of them are short and precise.
Key things that spiked the demand for these names are:

Length of the domain name – shorter is better and Unique
Single word domains are easier to spell, type and remember. This increases their demand as everyone wants to have them. In the KeNIC auction we have names such as LI.KE, NI.KE, BA.KE, BI.KE etc which are rhyming names within the .KE ccTLD. Its rare to get domain names that have a TLD on them to MA.KE a phrase complete.

Generic words
Domains that use generic words are more marketable and can be used in different contexts.
For instance, Jobs dot KE can be used by companies in advertising for jobs/ vacancies by HR recruitment agencies. The more appealing it is across industries makes it more viable to the buyer. There are over 500 generic domain names available in the auction platform.

SEO value
If a domain has been used in the market and built up a strong ranking profile on Google it carries more value. Having a ccTLD gives better search ranking on google, especially with local based search results.
Having a generic domain name like beer.ke or bar.ke would mean that anyone searching for any alcohol related products would automatically land on your site first, if they are based within the Kenya.

These premium domain names are also rich in KEYWORDS which is a great factor that impacts on ranking of a website on google search. This would mean that anyone searching for a bar of beer would first land on your website from anywhere globally.
The auction of these names is running till December 6th 2021, where we anticipate to have sold all the available names. With the current demand, most of the names under BUY NOW OPTION will have been sold by mid-November thus don’t miss a chance to grab your preferred name.