Premium domains are more desirable domains that a registry often sell at a higher price compared to the other domain extensions. One of the reasons that makes the premium domain more desirable is because they can be used internationally such as The domain names usually have a variety of qualities that allows them to outperform others in the key functions of a domain.

Factors considered for a domain to be a premium domain are:

  • Trustworthy TLD

A Top-Level Domain are the characteristics that follow at the end of a domain for example For a domain to be considered a premium domain, it has to have a good TLD so as not to compromise on reaching its desired audience.

  • Easy to remember

Generally, an overly long domain name can be very hard to remember. A premium domain has to be brief in a practical sense that makes it memorable.

  • Contains keywords and high domain authority

Premium domains with meaning keywords always appear top at the search engine optimization.

  • Premium domains are unique

Premium domains are unique and they can not be shared with another different entity. A premium domain can be registered by a different entity in the case where it has been deleted hence it is available for registration again.

Benefits of having a premium domain are:

  • It builds a good reputation

When you have a simple, short and straight-forward domain name, it makes it easier for         your customers to remember you.

  • Sticks on user’s mind: One of the objectives of marketing it to establish on thing for their brand which is to stick on users’ mind. For a premium domain, it is very easy to achieve this as it short and easy to remember.
  • Drives traffic

A premium domain often matches the exact phrase people use on the search engine. When certain keywords match the website web address, the search engine often considers it authentic and credible hence driving more traffic to the company’s website.

  • Gain Trust

Organizations that usually have premium domains are mostly considered to be successful in their industry. Most buyers often become repeated customers because they have gained and credibility from that organization resulting to increase revenue

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