For a new Website, always consider a suitable domain that speaks to what the Website is all about.

1. Make the Domain Name Unique

Having a Website that is similar with another popular Website that is owned by someone else will confuse your target audience. Therefore, never choose a domain and hyphenate it or pluralize it or misspell it so that it doesn’t look like an already established domain name that a popular Website uses.

  1. Make the domain easy to type without symbols and Characters

    Your domain name should not make anyone visiting your Website take so much time in reading it, simply because you have used long words, unmemorable words, misspelled words or names. By having such domain names, you will force your client to take some considerable time in just memorizing your domain name. This will make you lose a good portion of your branding and Marketing Value.

  2. Create and Fulfil Expectations

Immediately someone hears or sees your domain name for the first time, he should be able to accurately know the content and message he will find as soon as he clicks on the URL. Simply, don’t use a domain that resembles a food store then upload beauty products. Word of mouth is very strong, people make reviews about Websites they have visited and a negative review amounts to less customer referrals.

  1. Distinguish yourself from a Brand

Don’t liken yourself to an already established brand and use a domain that speaks like what other brands do. Always make your domain speak for itself.
Being Unique is as good as branding and placing yourself in the market. If you are confidence with your name, clients will be confident with your brand too by just looking at is domain name uniqueness.