A domain registrar is a company that manages and breaks the sale of unique domain names on the internet. As not all domain registrars are same and not all offer the same quality of service, choosing the right one is something every website owner needs, to ensure they get it right before doing anything else. Therefore, when choosing a .KE domain registrar, there are a number of things to consider which include;

Affordable pricing; which is important as they are notoriously inexpensive and one is encouraged not to be tempted by domain name brokers or insanely high-priced sellers.

Capturing accurate WHOIS details; where all contact information for all your .KE domains are correctly captured. Essentially KeNIC requires all domain name contact information to be provided accurately to avoid loss of the domain name.

Having several options for registration timeframes; .KE domains are legally registered for one year minimum while maximum time is 5 years after which its renewed. If not renewed it eventually gets released to the public for purchase. However, the best situation is to have multiple options for registration timeframes where one can decide on how long they would like to have it and potentially receive a discount for a registration of multiple years.

A wide variety of top-level domains that’s considered the highest level in the hierarchy of their overall domain name.

Provision of additional products and services; for example some registrars provide packages for multiple services at once or even give one a .KE domain name for free if one subscribes to other services such as hosting.

In addition to being accredited, ensure the registrar has capacity to provide quality services, user-interfaces, or customer support. Hence its essential to complete one’s research and understand the elements that characterize the ideal .KE domain registrar.

It’s therefore important to choose the right .KE domain registrar that will affect the cost of one’s domain purchase, costing plan, and much more.