Domain names usually work fundamentally the same way and have the same technical function. However, some domains are more valuable than others. These domains are usually called premium domain names.

What are premium domain names?

A premium domain name is basically a high-quality domain name. Sometimes when searching for a domain name, you will realize that the name you want to register is unavailable for registration and yet it is not also available when you do a WHOIS search. The Registry usually reserves certain domain names that they perceive are more valuable and should be priced higher than other domain names.

Alternatively, premium domain names could also be domains already registered and for you to get them, you will have to pay a higher price than the original purchase price.

What makes a domain be considered premium?

There are no clear rules on which domains can be classified as premium. It is difficult to assess a domain name and determine its value accurately. However, there are certain characteristics that justify the high price for a domain name. It is important to consider some of these characteristics when making a purchase decision.

Demand: Trending words and phrases can sell for high prices. These domain names are usually very desirable and justify the high price that they demand. Some of these domains include beer.KE. There are also names that contain a word that advertisers are competing for. These include names such as BET.KE

Words that can work as brand names: There are certain domain names that work perfectly as brand names. A good example is or

Generic value: Many of the valuable domain names are those domains that have deeply generic names.  The value of the domain names increase due to the high increase in industry-wide appeal. An example is

Length: Shorter domain names are usually better than longer domain names. All two-letter domain names are usually considered premium as they are used for abbreviations by various companies. While longer domain names can have a high value as well, most good domains usually consist of fewer words. Examples include,, etc.

Buying a premium domain name is a big investment. It is important to choose carefully whether to buy the domain or not by considering the advantages and disadvantages. Your domain is the foundation on which your business rests – if you want to succeed, you have to buy the best. Visit to bid for a premium domain name today.